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The role of diffusion plate in LED flat panel structure

2018-10-17 19:03:11 Ulite (DongGuan) Lighting Co., Ltd. Read

The LED flat lamp structure is mainly composed of LED light source, LED drive, reflective plate, light guide plate, diffuser plate, aluminum frame and back plate. Here we talk about the role of diffuser plate:

The main function of the LED flat panel lamp diffusion plate is to uniformly derive the reflected light from the light guide plate, so that the light distribution is more uniform. When the light of the LED light source is refracted to the diffuse point by the reflector, the reflected light will diffuse to all angles, and then emit from the front of the light guide plate. By using a variety of dense and different sizes of diffuse points, the light guide plate uniformly emits light, thereby increasing the brightness of the light guide plate, but also play a role of blurring dots.

LED flat panel diffuser plate generally uses acrylic 2 plate or PC material, almost PS material. Acrylic costs less and transmittance is slightly higher than PC, poor anti-aging performance; PC price is a little more expensive, but anti-aging performance is strong. The diffuser plate can not see the dot after assembly, and the transmittance should be around 90%. The transmittance of acrylic is 92%, PC is about 90%, PS is about 88%. The manufacturers can choose the materials of diffusion plate according to the demand. At present, most manufacturers use acrylic grinding material as the diffusion panel of lamps.

National Industrial Lighting LED Flat Panel Lamp uses the diffuse panel as the diffuse panel, and the diffuse panel is optimized on the frosted panel. The new technology of the diffuse panel is adopted, which is combined with the new light guide plate and the reflective plate to achieve the ideal visual effect. The problem of spot and diffusion plate discoloration is also solved. The transmittance of the homogeneous plate is above 95%, which is close to natural light.