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LED clean light promotes human growth and development

2018-10-17 19:03:34 Ulite (DongGuan) Lighting Co., Ltd. Read

The LED clean lamp can promote the growth and development of human body in the same illumination.

1. Respiratory system: LED clean lamp can release a large number of negative air ions while illuminating, while inhaling negative air ions, can make the lungs absorb 20% more oxygen, carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 14.5%;

2. Nervous system: the human body inhales a large number of negative air ions, can make people excited, increase the quality of sleep, and can play a sedative and analgesic role;

3. Metabolism and immunity: the negative air ions released by lamps and lanterns can increase the body's metabolism and resistance;

4. To cardiovascular system: can play a role in reducing blood pressure, increase myocardial nutrition, make peripheral capillary telangiectasia, increase skin temperature;

5. For blood: can make white blood cells, red blood cells, hemoglobin, reticulocytes and platelets increased, erythrocyte sedimentation rate decreased, globulin increased, pH increased, coagulation time shortened.

LED clean lamp is suitable for integrated ceiling lighting in food processing industry, semiconductor and precision manufacturing industry, ICU ward, scientific research institute, laboratory and other dust-free cleaning workshop.